Board of Education

Current Board Members

Email Bryan Jeske, President
1-1-2021 through 12-31-2024

Email Kelly Christian, Vice President
1-1-2019 through 12-31-2024

Email Mark Souder, Treasurer
1-1-2021 through 12-31-2026

Email Paula Whittington, Secretary
1-1-2021 through 12-31-2026

Email Chauncey Halliday, Trustee
01-01-2021 through 12-31-2026

Email Ashley Boals, Trustee
1-1-2023 through 12-31-2028

Email Jennifer Oster, Trustee
1-1-2023 through 12-31-2028


Telephone number for Board of Education: 989-366-2035

Board Minutes can be requested at:
Administrative Center
4433 W. Houghton Lake Drive
Houghton Lake, MI 48629 

Any person with a disability who needs accommodation for participation in this meeting should contact the Superintendent at 366-2035 prior to the meeting or as soon as possible to request assistance.

Board of Education Meetings