National Honors Society

    Houghton Lake High School National Honor Society



    What is NHS?

    An academic scholarship and community service organization.  Eligibility is based on scholarship, character, leadership and community service.

    What are the requirements?

    You need to have a 3.5 GPA cummulative.  While you are in NHS, you will need to acquire 23 hours of community service.

    Advisor is:  Mr. Chris Worley


    Current members are:

    Danielle Balbach, Treasurer

    Kayla Balyo

    Kayla Belcher

    Ben Boynton

    Charles Bradley

    Elise Broteback, NHS rep.

    Alyssa Chrispell

    Mariah Drogt, Vice President

    Katie Dunaj

    Patrick Gagne

    Alicia Gillman

    Racheal Gillmore

    Bridget Grant

    Satah Herriman

    Anina Judge

    Mary Jo Julin

    Nick Lademan

    Sarah Laverty

    Jillian Orzechowski

    Heather Serviss, NHS rep

    Joshua Smith

    Meredith Sny

    Kathryn Tillman

    Rebecca Tinney, President

    Richard Urbach