The Bobcat Cafe is operated by the students of the HLHS Hospitality/Commercial Food Service Classes.

These students are dedicated to preparing and serving quality food-service for our school and community while gaining vauable education and experience in the hospitality industry.

                                                        Bobcat Cafe

Offering student lunches and beverages on scheduled Fridays and staff lunches on scheduled Wednesdays.  Please check the daily school announcements for schedule and menus. 

Famous Shakes, Smoothies and Floats

Shakes - $2.50

    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
    • Strawberry
    • Peanut Butter
    • Mint
    • Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors are available for $2.75

                                    Smoothies - $2.50

    • Berry Blast
    • Tropical


    • Rootbeer
    • Rainbow
    • Orange 
  •                                    Floats - $2.00

Faculty lunches require advance reservations

                          Advance reservations only please (by Monday Noon).

Methods to reserve your faculty lunch:

  • Click the following link  Order Formprint the advance reservation form, complete and either hand it to a Bobcat Cafe student or place it in Mrs. Steeby's mailbox (by Monday Noon)  
  • Dial ext. 2211 - between the hours of 9:30a.m. - noon


               CATERING EVENTS (school & community)

2009-10 School Year

  • HL 8th Grade Halloween Dance Concessions (Oct 09)  CANCELLED
  • Halloween Fundraiser  for Bobcat Cafe (Oct 09)
  • HLHS Veterans' Day Assembly Breakfast (Nov 09)
  • St. Vincent's Customer Appreciation Luncheon (Nov 09) 


 2009-10 Class Roster 

Advanced Students:


  • Timothy Consani
  • Tiffany Crites 
  • Patricia Petitti
  • Kody Rase

First Year Students:

  • Bryanna Charlesworth
  • Victoria Doebler
  • Kara Fitting
  • Krystal Flores
  • Alyssa Haire
  • Ryan Hodges 
  • Kyle Hunt
  • Taylor Loesser
  • Robert Lyons
  • Zach Oakes
  • Jenny Parker
  • Shauna Priebe
  • Dustin Rundgren
  • Kristi Stead
  • Eric Steckert
  • Elliot Stuck